Treatments with Serenity use the highly effective and scientifically proven LED technology (Light Emitting Diode) to reduce signs of ageing and improve notably skin texture and complexion. LED treatments gradually and durably repair the skin surface and effectively combat the visible signs of acne, stretch marks, scarring, pigmentation, rosascea, ageing, skin repair, and other ailments. LED Treatment aims to leave the skin healthy and glowing, plus you get to relax with a music selection of your choice during treatment. This is a treatment enjoyed by loads of local celebrities at Best Body Skin, such as Cga Bhopa and Nonhle Thema.

Watch one of our favourite clients, Linda Mpanbani make the best of a combination of LED Treatment and Chemical Peels.

As you can see below, LED treatment is not limited to women, it’s very popular among men as well! Watch Tumi Seeco caring for his skin by making use of our LED Treatment. 


Treatment Time 30 – 45 minutes.
Areas Face, hands, stomach.
How often? Once every 2nd day or once a week.
Result Time Visible results after the first session. Approximately 10 sessions will provide convincing and long lasting results.
Downtime None.
Side Effects No side effects.
Next visit One week or a couple of days apart.
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