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10 May


There is no doubt that in the art of making a first impression, the face is the most powerful factor that affects the perception of your age and appearance. The face is also one of the primary areas of concern when it comes to ageing.

We all want to look young and feel energetic all the time. Ageing cannot be stopped, but it can be delayed by following a healthy lifestyle and making the effort to look after yourself holistically.

Nonetheless, at some stage you may reach the decision to have a little professional help with anti-ageing tips and therapies, and that’s where Best Body Skin can set you apart.

There are ancient therapies and modern treatments that effectively reduce the effects of Ageing…While we need to understand and accept the fact that Ageing is a natural, continuous process which increases with time, we also acknowledge that it can be slowed down. And that involves maintaining a certain lifestyle, and if necessary, making use of the wonderful treatments, therapies or surgery the world of medical research affords our generation.

Anti-Ageing Tips:

Slow the Ageing process by following some basic principles.

Diet: Eat a healthy, balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables and avoid junk food and preservatives. Moderate the intake of alcohol, and do take some carefully selected supplements. Speak to a Specialist at Best Body Skin for advice.

Exercise: Exercising regularly keeps you slim and fit and is recommended by experts across the board as an essential component of an anti-Ageing regimen. It reduces stress and increases your cardiovascular capability, tones your muscles and helps prevent high blood pressure.

Skincare: Proper cleansing is essential to keep skin free from dirt and dead cells, along with using the best skincare products to help moisturise and protect, and assist the anti-Ageing process. The right Anti-Ageing skincare products can have a dramatic impact on the overall health and appearance of your skin as you age. Always be vigilant when it comes to sun exposure by ensuring proper protection.

Other factors: Do your best to avoid stress, and most certainly avoid smoking, which ages the skin irreparably. Get plenty of sleep and consider yoga or meditation for its amazing Anti-Ageing benefits.

Anti-Ageing Therapies:

The art of Anti-Ageing therapies is a rapidly growing field of modern medicine and has developed a branch of its own, known as cosmetology. Unfortunately, even modern science has not found the mythical elixir that will stop or reverse the effects of Ageing, but there are some therapies that have shown outstanding results in helping restore a younger-looking you.

Skin rejuvenation using treatment fro frown lines and wrinkles, tissue fillers, chemical peels or laser therapies for anti-ageing are among the powerful tools in use in the cosmetology field.

These therapies, along with advice and planned strategies on diet and wellness, are available to you, today.

Contact Best Body Skin, a leading, award-winning specialist in Anti-Ageing procedures therapies, to find out more about what they can do to effectively slow down your Ageing process.

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