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30 Jan

ANTIOXIDANTS – An Answer to Ageing and Longevity?

BBS Antioxidants Sources

Our lifestyle choices affect our health, quality of life and ultimately, our lifespan. In an age where fast foods, instant solutions and extreme daily pressure are the order of the day, we all suffer from lifestyle diseases, that can to an extent be prevented and controlled. Informed diet choices, exercise, the intake of antioxidants and other supplements, will have a dramatic impact on one’s health and wellbeing. Recognising the need to regain control over our lifestyle choices, eating plans, exercise and how we take care of ourselves, Best Body Skin provides a range of dietary, detox lifestyle recipes to help our clients in becoming healthier and happier, fighting Ageing, the risk of illnesses and maintaining a healthy body weight.


There is currently a lot of talk in the press on the subject of antioxidants and how effective they are or aren’t in preventing excessive free-radical damage, or oxidative stress, as it is technically known. Therefore, it would be helpful to understand what Free-Radicals and Antioxidants are, and why their interaction is so important to our health and longevity.


Did you know, the rate at which we oxidise, is the rate at which we age…but what do we mean by oxidise?


You can see antioxidants at work in your own kitchen. Slice an apple in half and watch it turn brown. Well, that’s oxidation, so oxygen reacting with the apple, creating free-radicals. Oxygen is obviously essential for basic cell-function in all creatures. However, research is showing that oxygen can produce toxic substances such as peroxide, superoxide, hydroxyl radicals and so-called ‘excited stage oxygen’. These highly reactive substances combine with other molecules in the body, to produce destructive effects. And those are free-radicals, high-energy chemical substances, scavenging the body for something to bond with, known as free-radical damage or oxidisation.


Free Radicals Are the Cause of Oxidative Stress. Some are generated through normal body functions like breathing, metabolism, digesting of polyunsaturated fats and physical activity, while others are the by-products of the immune system, there to neutralise viruses and bacteria.


Research suggests there is involvement of the resulting free radicals in a number of degenerative diseases associated with Ageing. Cancer, cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s disease, immune dysfunction, cataracts and macular degeneration.


What can YOU do?

A few of the better known antioxidants include carotenoids (the substance that gives fruits and vegetables their colour), common in apricots, broccoli, pumpkin, melons, spinach and sweet potatoes.


Lycopene is another powerful one, obtainable from in tomatoes, especially tinned.

Vitamin C and E are excellent antioxidants, as well as magnesium, copper and zinc.

Moderate intake of red wine can boost the antioxidants your body needs.


Contact Best Body Skin for a wellness assessment to review your lifestyle and to design a research-based lifestyle change…the results will include a younger looking and happier feeling version of you, just some of the added benefits

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