But Acne is a teenage problem, not so?

25 Jan

But Acne is a teenage problem, not so?

Adult Acne

Think again.

It may puzzle you that the Acne you had when you were in your early teens, seems to have returned in your thirties. But don’t despair, you are not alone…fact is, Acne is not an exclusively Adolescent problem.

Research seems to suggest that it is not unusual for almost one in five adults between 25 and 30 to suffer from some form of adult Acne.


Acne appears to be partly hereditary, but we don’t know exactly why some people are affected by it and others are not. Combined with that, while teenage Acne is more common, adult Acne may be related to a variety of other causes, apart from the ones that typically produce it in Teenagers.

And it may not be confined to the facial areas you immediately identify it with.


Science and Dermatologists do not fully understand Acne yet, but we do know some of the biology behind it, and Best Body Skin is perfectly equipped to confront the problem head-on and help you restore your skin (and with that, your confidence and peace of mind).


The human skin naturally produces a substance called Sebum, which is intended to maintain the skin and keep hair supple and lubricated.

As part of the tumultuous changes your body undergoes during Adolescence, excess amounts of Sebum can be produced, and the results are no secret…think back and you’ll remember that time, and the anguish you and many peers may have suffered as a result of the Acne that appeared without invitation.

But, that being said, why would be affected by it as a mature adult?

As the production of Sebum is stimulated by the male hormone Testosterone, it stands to reason to assume that Males would be more adversely affected by it. But this is not necessarily so, as Testosterone is present in both males and females. However, during puberty the body changes the way it reacts to the presence of Testosterone, and it is this abnormal reaction, characteristically appearing during adolescence, that causes the skin (typically the face and upper torso) to become excessively oily.

The sebum combines with naturally occurring dead skin cells and bacteria to block hair follicles and pores, and being unable to escape, become blackheads, which in turn become infected, and turn to pimples, and the unfortunate result is Acne. By the early 20s, the body usually normalises its reaction to testosterone and Acne clears up.


However, for the unfortunate few, this may not be the case, and the Acne may minimise, but not disappear completely, or return in later adult years.

Among the causes for Adult Acne counts stress, an unbalanced diet, bad/inappropriate cosmetics, hormonal activities (such as those during menstrual cycles), and birth control pills.

Stress causes your oil glands to overcompensate.

Bad cosmetics can cause bacteria-laden pores.

Hormones stimulate the sebaceous glands to overact, and birth control pills with androgen in them can cause skin eruptions.

Males, especially bodybuilders using anabolic steroids, are typically prone to Acne problems.


The facts being clear, what is there to be done about Acne, and how can it be treated/even cured?

Best Body Skin offers a professional approach to the problem, and will find the root of the problem to so get to the appropriate and most effective treatment solution for you Adult Acne.

Typically, our recommendation will include advice on proper skincare and the skincare products your skin needs, some suggested lifestyle changes and in-clinic or home treatments.



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