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14 Feb


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Toxicity is of much greater concern now in the twentieth century than ever before, as we face new and more powerful chemicals, air and water pollutants, radiation and nuclear power on a daily basis. We ingest foreign, unnatural substances, use drugs of all kinds, flood our systems with stimulants and sedatives, refined foods, sugar, caffeine, alcohol and tobacco. The incidence of toxicity diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease has increased dramatically. And then there’s the rapidly increasing incidence of arthritis, allergies, obesity, skin ailments and everyday headaches, fatigue, pains, coughs, gastrointestinal problems, immune weakness… And that’s why we believe in the power of a proper detox!

Toxicity occurs on an external and internal level. We can acquire toxins from our environment by inhalation, digestion or through physical contact, while internally, our bodies produce toxins through normal functioning. Biochemical, cellular, and bodily activities generate substances and free radicals that need to be eliminated. If these substances/molecules/toxins are not eliminated, they can cause irritation or inflammation of the cells and tissues, blocking normal functions on a cellular, organ holistic level. Microbes of all kinds, such as intestinal bacteria, foreign bacteria, yeasts, and parasites, also produce metabolic waste products for our already strained bodies to also handle…all of which has an impact on our thoughts, emotions and stress levels, themselves generators of biochemical toxicity. The proper level of elimination of these toxins is essential to functioning properly, and that’s why a sensible and professionally orchestrated detoxification regimen, like those designed by Best Body Skin can be invaluable to you and your continued good health.

 Who needs to detoxify?

 Everyone needs to detoxify, cleanse and rest the body in order to function effectively at all times. Natural cleansing or detoxification is one part of the trilogy of nutritional action, the others being building, or toning, and balance or maintenance. With a regular, balanced diet, devoid of excesses, we will need less intensive detoxification. Our bodies have a daily elimination cycle, mostly carried out at night and in the early morning. However, when we eat a congesting diet higher in fats, meats, dairy products, refined foods, and chemicals, detoxification becomes more necessary. Detoxification has also proved to be exceptionally helpful in weight loss efforts.

Experts agree that commercial, over-the-counter detoxification products and gimmicks are often a waste of time and money. The same cannot be said for a professionally established programme, that both establishes a system and monitors one’s progress. Our detox solutions are adapted to each client’s individual situation and include vital nutrients and vitamins such as the correct balance of Vitamins A, B3, B6, and B12 as well as C and E. It also includes amino acids, and zinc, to name but a few. A targeted plan for detoxification will be provided and your health monitored throughout. Contact Best Body Skin for a wellness evaluation assessment and expert guidance, and don’t allow yourself to be a victim of our polluted environment.

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