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12 Aug

Serenity LED Treatment

Best Body Skin clients rely on us to provide them with leading treatments, products and specialist skills that are available. In line with this responsibility, we’re excited to present our latest treatment: The highly effective Serenity LED.
What is SERENITY LED and how does it work?
The system uses Light Emitting Diode technology to deliver a relaxing treatment that is the highly effective in the treatment of the visible signs of ageing. This is achieved through the emission of light at very specific wavelengths, which research has shown to stimulate healthy working of the support cells present in the human skin’s connective tissue)
Who should consider LED sessions?
  • Any person who already visits us for mesotherapy, carboxy and chemical peels. This technology enhances the efficacy of all of those!
  • Any person seeking an improvement in the texture and overall complexion of their skin
  • Those who want to appear younger by addressing the visible signs of ageing
  • Those who have been pregnant and now feel self-conscious about the unsightly stretch marks
  • Users of high-end products, who would like these products to be optimally absorbed
  • Those with acne and acne scars — yes, the system addresses the cause of spots, pimples and scars
  • Any person with fine lines, wrinkles and a tendency to appear ‘flushed’ / red
How long is a session and is one enough?
A session takes between 30 and 45 minutes, and depending on your condition, more than one treatment is always recommended. The more frequently you use it, the more the exposed areas will keep on reaping the benefits.
Which different colours of light therapy does Best Body Skin offer?

All – infrared, blue and red.

Infrared light has been used for long to activate blood circulation by dilating blood vessels. It aids in hydration of skin

BEST BENEFIT: Opens up pores — great for the penetration of skin products for maximum benefit.

Red light enhances elastin and collagen production and you will experience a visible improvement in skin tone and texture. Fine lines and wrinkles are effectively smoothed to appear less pronounced.

BEST BENEFIT: Steels the skin’s natural defences against the onslaught of pollution.

Blue light is amazing! — antiseptic and astringent, this colour lightens blemishes and imperfections.

BEST BENEFIT: Treats the cause of acne and so clears up spots and pimples and accelerates the healing process of acne scars.

Results vary from one individual to the next and testimonials and Before & After images on this website represent a client’s individual response to our treatments and products. We cannot guarantee a similar outcome for all.

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