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14 Feb


BBS Effects of Alcohol

The effects of alcohol are underplayed; often dismissed. “What’s the harm in a drink or two a day?”, you ask, “We’re having fun! We’re relaxing. We deserve it.” But the adverse effects of long-term overconsumption of alcohol are detrimental.

If you have reached a point where you feel that the long-term effects of alcohol on your body have caused you to see unpleasant changes in yourself that you’d like to rectify, Best Body Skin can help get you back on the right track, and repair the damages to your body.

Alcoholic drinks contain considerable calories, so weight gain among people who don’t drink sensibly is common. Alcohol affects the circulation by expanding blood vessels, causes thread veins, often on the face, and purple, bulbous ‘drinker’s nose’. Heavy drinkers usually don’t eat properly and too much alcohol inhibits healthy absorption of nutrients. It is poison for skin and causes brittle hair and nails.

Everything in moderation is a good approach when it comes to booze…consider that alcohol is a depressant, while so many of us use it to calm down after a long day at work.   It raises blood sugar, so it is important to only drink it with food, preferably fat and protein, but for many, it in fact promotes overeating, mostly because it raises blood sugar too fast, causing the body’s energy to ‘crash’ as insulin is activated to pull out excessive, essential sugar.

Never take the attitude that alcohol replaces food to save calories. Starving or eating very little while drinking more sets one up for health issues…nutrient depletion happens rapidly if this becomes a pattern. Alcohol is also a diuretic and flushes out electrolytes and water-soluble vitamins, and that explains that morning hangover, a manifestation of dehydration and a depletion of nutrients.

It’s time for a new approach. Get yourself back in shape with a comprehensive detox and wellness programme, and get treatment for the facial veins, stressed skin and brittle nails. Contact Best Body Skin for more information, and find out how they can reverse the effects of alcohol on your body.

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