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15 Jul



1. First Things First Who we are and what we do

Wellness coaches who provide body analysis consultations, personal solutions and regular support and follow-up.

2. What’s in it for me? A distributor will guide you towards…

1. Increased awareness of your nutrition and diet.

2. Becoming informed about your health and wellbeing.

3. A better understanding of the value of exercise and fitness.

We will help you achieve your level 10 body results… 

3. It all starts with our free, no obligation wellness evaluation

1. We determine your BODY FAT % (amount of fat as proportion of body weight).

WHY? Reducing excess fat addresses high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and cancer, amongst others.

2. We determine your HYDRATION LEVEL 

WHY? Sufficient water lubricates joints and muscles, assists in digestions and waste elimination, aids blood circulation for cell regeneration, is required for temperature management and a whole host of other crucial processes.

3. We determine your MUSCLE MASS 

WHY? Muscle cells burn calories, while fat cells tend to store them.

4. We measure the BASAL METABOLIC RATE 

WHY? Increased exercise and muscle – increased metabolism to enable weight loss and control through the burning of calories.

5. We determine METABOLIC AGE

WHY? The human body constantly rebuilds itself. Maximise this process by optimum nutrition, by supporting the immune system by fighting the effects of pollution, stress and toxins.

6. We measure your BONE 

MASS WHY? Low bone density means osteoporisis( weak bones that break easily).

7. We measure your VISCERAL FAT 

WHY? This kind of fat prevents normal organ function and high levels could be life threatening.

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